Blockchain-based Connected Vehicle Service
for Enhanced Security and Privacy
Developed by Blockchain Labs.
Blockchain Labs is the developer and operator of
the vaccine pass for 43 million users.
Problems with Existing Connected Vehicle Services
As more connected vehicles hit the roads,
security risks associated with vehicle controls and data breaches are becoming key issues to be addressed across the world.
🔍 Background
In the U.S. and Europe,  various regulations are in place to prevent hacking and personal data breaches while using connected vehicle services.
Blockchain Labs is in close discussions with German and French car manufacturers to provide safe and secure connected vehicle services to their customers.
Blockchain Labs’ Proposed Solution
A blockchain-based Connected Vehicle Solution that enables the mobile device to be directly connected (P2P) with the vehicle can be set up via a simple ccOS update.

Blockchain Connected Vehicle Service preemptively prevents any data breaches and hacks.
Solution Overview
(Two-way access control)
Update Completed
Remote Access Control
Consent to sharing personal data
Option A
Option B
It is still possible to collect user data of those using Blockchain Connected Vehicle Service.
* Users can selectively disclose parts of their data because all data are encrypted on the blockchain, and data are shared anonymously.
Option A
Option B
It is still possible to collect user data of those using Blockchain Connected Vehicle Service.
* Users can selectively disclose parts of their data and because all data are encrypted on blockchain, data are shared anonymously.
Solution Benefits
The benefits of Blockchain Connected Vehicle Service are highlighted below:
Easy Integration
Can be easily integrated via OTA upgrade
Prevent unauthorized remote vehicle access
Use connected vehicle service without any personal data exposure
Permission Control
Safely and securely grant access to a third party
Selective Disclosure
Only share necessary data
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Blockchain Labs Technologies
All services developed by Blockchain Labs are based on its patented InfraBlockchain. InfraBlockchain is the only blockchain technology patented in the U.S. and South Korea.
The patented Proof-of-Transaction (PoT) consensus algorithm enables the network to reach consensus using transactions instead of native cryptocurrency.
With Proof-of-Transaction (PoT), InfraBlockchain can operate as a public blockchain that invites anyone to participate in block production, while achieving transaction processing speed as fast as that of private blockchain.