in Silicon Valley, 2013

Our Story

The start of Blockchain Labs, 10 years ago in Silicon Valley

In 2013, the founding members of Blockchain Labs met Shawn Fanning (the founder of ‘Napster’,
a peer-to-peer file sharing service, which is often considered as the origin of the blockchain technology) and began our journey in San Francisco. With a concept of ‘blockchain’ still being new, the blockchain startup journey was not easy. Our technology wasn’t complete, we didn’t have a marketing experience, and most importantly, we didn’t understand the U.S. market.

The temptation of an ICO

In 2017, when the cryptocurrency boom swept the world, we also had a chance to get rich quickly by doing an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). However, we had doubts about the value and the usefulness (or the lack thereof) of such coins. Our beliefs may not necessarily be the right answer, but we didn’t want to offer something that we didn’t believe in.

The world’s first public blockchain with no native cryptocurrency

Instead of doing an ICO, we dedicated our time and efforts into building a service that utilizes the blockchain technology to benefit the users in their everyday lives. Finally, in 2018, we successfully engineered InfraBlockchain - the world’s first public blockchain with no native cryptocurrency - which allowed the blockchain technology to be used in real, practical applications.

The vaccine passport used by 43 million users

In August 2020, after seeing that the patients were receiving handwritten paper COVID-19 vaccination credentials in the U.S., we developed COOV - the world’s first blockchain-based vaccine passport. Because COOV uses a public blockchain with no native cryptocurrency, many government agencies, enterprises, and institutions were able to adopt COOV risk-free. Through COOV, we used the blockchain technology to protect personal data, prevent data tampering, and provide convenience to the users.

Our decision to donate COOV and its operating system to the public for free may have stopped us from earning any profit, but the experience of building and operating a system that serves 43 million users, and the public’s trust and recognition of our technology have all become our invaluable assets.

The dawn of a Web 3.0 era

After a decade of our journey that prepared us for a practical Web 3.0 era, Blockchain Labs now prepares for the next decade of providing blockchain-based products and services that will prove useful and beneficial to all.



Our goal is to create a better future - Which starts with serving the best interests of our employees, customers, and investors.

The reason why Blockchain Labs exists is to use technology to benefit people and create a better future. As we continue to navigate our path going forward, we will always stay true to our nature regardless of how much we can profit otherwise.

To Blockchain Labs, wealth and profits are not goals but tools. We strongly believe that as long as we continue to contribute to building a better future, people will surely value our works. Wealth is something that would naturally follow such support, which is once more a tool for us to use to further our contributions. We will make this positive cycle of progress come true.

To Blockchain Labs, the most important people are our valued employees. Without them, we would not be able to start - much less to make our dreams come true.

The next is our customers (users) who value our mission. We believe that our customers aren’t buying our products and services, but they are buying into our goal and vision instead. They are our valued partners in creating a better future.

Last, but not least, is our investors (shareholders) who support us financially with their hard-earned money. The return on their investments depends on the future that our employees and customers will be painting. The current investors in Blockchain Labs are already in full support of our vision and values.

We promise to do our best to serve the best interests of all employees, customers, and investors. In order to achieve our goals, we propose the following methods:

Welcome new and challenging projects, rather than familiar and easy ones.

Enjoy the hardships that we face on the way to success, more than the outcome itself.

Make sure to not only have all employees’ voices be heard, but harmonize them as we move forward together.

We may not be able to predict and promise certain results. However, as long as we do not give up, and because we know why we exist and what we need to do to achieve our goals, we guarantee that our dreams - Blockchain Labs’ and yours - will come true.

Bezalel Lim & Joe Park - Co-CEOs

Key Growth Factors

Blockchain Paradigm Shift

The growing concern for data privacy will only accelerate the shift to have services from being based on centralized servers to being based on blockchain.

History and Values

Our dramatic startup journey that began 10 years ago - and the countless of challenges we overcame - equip us with experiences, stories, and values that no other company has.

Unparalleled Technology and Service

We possess the technology and the design behind the one-of-a-kind public blockchain with no native cryptocurrency. Our dedication to building a meaningful service led us to gain incomparable know-hows.

COOV and its 43 Million Users

We are the only company in the world that demonstrated the usefulness and the effectiveness of blockchain through a practical service, COOV. For the first time in history, we proved that blockchain can process and support services on a global scale.

Global Network and Recognition

While working to achieve the vaccine passport interoperability, we established a trusted network with various foreign governments, international agencies, and companies.


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