Our Story

The Blockchain Labs
Journey Begins

The start of Blockchain Labs, 10 years ago in Silicon Valley

When Blockchain Labs was founded in Silicon Valley back in 2013, the idea of "blockchain" was still in its early stages. We saw this as an opportunity to introduce this innovative technology to a wider audience.

in Silicon Valley, 2013


Prioritizing Users Over an ICO

We decided against going down the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) route. Instead, we chose to focus on creating services that leverage blockchain technology to enhance the real life daily experiences of users.


Developing the World's First Cryptocurrency-less Public Blockchain

In 2018, we achieved a significant milestone by developing the world’s first cryptocurrency-less public blockchain. We called it InfraBlockchain, designed for practical and real-world applications.


Creating the First Blockchain-based Vaccination Verification System

Prompted by a pandemic, we created COOV, the world's first blockchain-based vaccine pass. Our decision to offer it and its operating system for free to serve 43 million users earned us the public’s trust, which has become one of our most invaluable assets.

Patent Name


Korea Registered Patent : 1020180064925, 1020210000951
PCT International Patent : PCT/KR2018/008504
US Registered Patent : US 11,636,450 B2

The vaccine passport
used by 43 million users

In August 2020, after seeing that the patients were receiving handwritten paper COVID-19 vaccination credentials in the U.S., we developed COOV - the world’s first blockchain-based vaccine passport. Because COOV uses a cryptocurrency-less public blockchain, many government agencies, enterprises, and institutions were able to adopt COOV risk-free. Through COOV, we used the blockchain technology to protect personal data, prevent data tampering, and provide convenience to the users.

Our decision to donate COOV and its operating system to the public for free may have stopped us from earning any profit, but the experience of building and operating a system that serves 43 million users, and the public’s trust and recognition of our technology have all become our invaluable assets.

Entering the new era of the web

We are actively shaping the next decade of practical Web 3.0 solutions.

A Message from Leadership

Blockchain Labs is driven by a noble purpose – to leverage technology for the betterment of humanity and to create a brighter future. Our commitment to this mission remains steadfast, prioritizing the well-being of our employees, customers, and investors above all else.

Wealth and profits are not our ultimate objectives, but rather instruments to propel our contributions towards a better world. This positive cycle of progress is our guiding principle.

• Our dedicated employees are the bedrock of our success, essential in turning our dreams into reality. 
• Our customers are not merely consumers of our products and services; they are our valued partners, sharing in our vision.
• Our investors entrust us with their hard-earned resources, recognizing that the return on their investments hinges on the future we collectively create. 

We embrace new and challenging projects over familiar and easy ones. We value the journey's difficulties on the path to success. And we prioritize listening to all voices as we grow together.

Bezalel Lim & Joe Park


Our goal is to create a better future - Which starts with serving the best interests of our employees, customers, and investors.
The reason why Blockchain Labs exists is to use technology to benefit people and create a better future. As we continue to navigate our path going forward, we will always stay true to our nature regardless of how much we can profit otherwise. To Blockchain Labs, wealth and profits are not goals but tools. We strongly believe that as long as we continue to contribute to building a better future, people will surely value our works. Wealth is something that would naturally follow such support, which is once more a tool for us to use to further our contributions. We will make this positive cycle of progress come true.

To Blockchain Labs, the most important people are our valued employees.

Without them, we would not be able to start - much less to make our dreams come true.

The next is our customers (users) who value our mission.

We believe that our customers aren’t buying our products and services, but they are buying into our goal and vision instead. They are our valued partners in creating a better future.

Last, but not least, is our investors (shareholders) who support us financially with their hard-earned money.

The return on their investments depends on the future that our employees and customers will be painting. The current investors in Blockchain Labs are already in full support of our vision and values.

We promise to do our best to serve the best interests of all employees, customers, and investors. In order to achieve our goals, we propose the following methods:

Welcome new and challenging projects, rather than familiar and easy ones.

Enjoy the hardships that we face on the way to success,
more than the outcome itself.

Make sure to not only have all employees’ voices be heard,
but harmonize them as we move forward together.

We may not be able to predict and promise certain results.
However, as long as we do not give up, and because we know why we exist and what we need to do to achieve our goals,
we guarantee that our dreams - Blockchain Labs’ and yours - will come true.

Bezalel Lim & Joe Park
- Co-CEOs

Key Growth Factors


Global blockchain adoption

As the public becomes increasingly concerned about their data privacy, we can only expect services to move away from centralized servers and lean more towards blockchain tech.


Experience and ethics

Our 10-year startup journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, has armed us with unique experiences, stories, and principles that set us apart.


Unparalleled technology

We have the unique technology of a cryptocurrency-less public blockchain. And we are committed to providing valuable services to the world by leveraging this technology.


Proven platforms

We're the sole company worldwide to showcase the wide scale practicality and success of blockchain with our service, COOV. We made history by showing that blockchain can handle and power global-scale services for the first time ever.


Global connections

As we strived for vaccine pass interoperability, we also built a reliable network involving foreign governments, international organizations, and businesses that we can tap as we continue to grow.